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ISBN 978-602-9260-10-6
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Inspirasi desain 22 restoran eklektik dengan sentuhan budaya yang kuat.


Featured 22 restaurants whose interior design are in line with the dishes they served.

They carried modern design, though decorated with thick cultural nuances. These cultural nuances are characterized by the type and placement of interior ornaments, the choice of colors, and the selection of furnitures. The results are eclectic styled restaurants with a strong touch of traditional culture. We call these eteries ‘authentic restaurants’

 Most of the restaurants compiled in this book serve Asian food, from Chinese-especially Peranakan Chinese, Thai food, Japanese and Indonesian. In addition to those, this book showcase a Moroccan style restaurant serving Middle East dishes. Each of these restaurants has their own distinctive concept, but all share a common thread : a sense of closeness to local culture in line with the authentic dishes they serve.

  • Showcase 22 unique design restaurants, which range from traditional Peranakan Chinese, Moroccan, to classy contemporary restaurants.
  • An inspirational reference book for interior designers, restaurateurs and design enthusiasts.

Menampilkan desain-desain restoran dengan tema serupa dengan hidangan yang disajikan. Walaupun lekat dengan budaya tradisional, namun 22 restoran dalam buku ini mengusung garis desain modern sesuai dengan keberadaannya di jaman sekarang ini.Beragam restoran mengusung hidangan yang sesuai dengan desainnya, mulai dari gaya Betawi, Cina, Peranakan, Jawa, Kolonial, Thailand, Jepang hingga Kontemporer.

[Bilingual English & Indonesia]

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