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Why Architecture Exhibitions are Important
Within the last three to five years, architecture exhibitions in the Southeast
Asia region gained more popularity, especially in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia (and soon followed by Thailand and Vietnam). We can certainly see that this phenomenon is parallel with the world economy trend, which claimed that the wind of economic progress is blowing towards Asian countries. This is our opportunity to closely scrutinized the architectural movement; more than merely visiting exhibitions with the sole intention of enjoying today’s best architectural works. We can, for example, discuss how influential are these exhibitions to the development of architectural discourses in Southeast Asia?

What impacts are already underway?
What are the agendas behind certain exhibitions? And so on.

Our Cover Story regarding architecture exhibitions in Southeast Asia could be our starting point to examine the above discussions for the sake of the progress of architecture in Southeast Asia.

Built Projects
RT+Q : The Capers, Sentul
UNStudio+DP Architects : Singapore Univ. Of Technology and Design, Singapore
Ministry of Design : Loke Tye Kee Residences, Penang
Department of Architecture : The Flow, Bang Saen
Studio TonTon : The Santai, Bali
DCM Jakarta : Maya Sanur, Bali
Ivan Priatman Architecture : DDYW Residence, Surabaya
Arte Architects : Del Mango, Bali
Timtiga : Greenhost Hotel, Yogjakarta
Han Awal : Gedung Yohannes Jakarta
ARA Studio : Historica and 1903, Surabaya
Tan Tjiang Ay : Breeze Hotel, Bandung

208 pages,  24×30 cm,
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