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Buku 50 Indonesian Houses + Villas ini menyajikan hasil seleksi 50 rumah dan 8 villa. Seleksi ini tidak hanya menunjukkan kekinian arsitektur Indonesia, tetapi juga menampilkan keragaman pendekatan, bermacam-macam ekspresi, perbedaan pemahaman, dan keanekaragaman perilaku terhadap rumah tinggal di Indonesia kini. Dengan keberagaman ini, kita justru seharusnya bertanya kembali, haruskah kita selalu mencari satu bentuk arsitektur rumah tinggal Indonesia? Atau sepatutnya kita mendorong kebebasan sehingga arsitektur kita justru menjadi lebih kaya?

This book of 50 Indonesian Houses + Villas presents a selection of 50 houses and 8 villas. These selections do not only illustrate the existing Indonesian architecture now, but also expose diverse approaches, expressions, understandings, and attitude towards current abodes in Indonesia. With all this diversity, we should refresh our minds again, should we always be seeking a typical Indonesian architecture? Or is it more prudent to allow freedom instead so that our architecture gets richer and richer?

Indonesian Architecture has always been affected by waves of change for ages to date. The various influential factors among others are traditions, colonial period, industry, and crisis. Hence what is the typical contemporary Indonesian architecture nowadays? What approaches do the Indonesian architects use to design houses now? Could we construe a form of the most valid and most solid architecture that can be specified as an Indonesian House?

(In Indonesian and English (Bilingual)]

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