Architectural Guide INDONESIA

Rp 495.000

135 × 245 mm
388 pages
600 images
ISBN 978-3-86922-425-1 (English)

How does the world’s fifth largest population express itself in terms of architecture? Is there any common language when it comes to planning and construction? For the past seven decades, both Indonesian and international architects have developed new ideas in order to fulfill the demands of the country’s 250 million inhabitants, in line with economic progress. Imelda Akmal’s Architectural Guide Indonesia presents over one hundred must-visit buildings which date from the post-independence era, starting in 1945, to the present day.

This book explores buildings that still embrace traditional Indonesian architectural heritage as well as those whose design is based on practical considerations, thus offering  a valuable insight into the works of emerging and established architects. In total the guide features carefully selected buildings with all salient information as to their dates of construction, architects and locality by way of QR codes.

Buku guide destinasi arsitektur pertama di Indonesia. Seperti buku Lonely Planet, namun semua destinasi adalah karya arsitektur Indonesia sejak kemerdekaan (1945) hingga sekarang.   Ada 133 karya dari puluhan arsitek, dilengkapi essay-essay arsitektur dari pengamat (Marco Kusumawijaya), Sejarawan (Iwan Sudradjat) dan penyusun (Imelda Akmal dengan tim Studio IAAW) dan juga foto-foto kota-kota dan pulau-pulau di Indonesia sebagai backgroundnya.
Pendeknya, bila ada yang ingin melihat  arsitektur Indonesia?  Bisa menyodorkan buku ini sebagai guidenya                                                                                                                                                          

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